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48. Dunstan Vidal 17 was born on 2 Jul 1830 in Spanish Town, Jamaica, 17 was baptized on 13 Nov 1830 in St. Catherine's Parish, Jamaica, 149 and died on 1 Dec 1895 in Fullarton, Adelaide, South Australia 1 at age 65.

Dunstan married Annie Lowther 17 on 27 Apr 1868 in South Australia.150

Dunstan next married Philippa Harris 309 on 30 Sep 1873 in Kapunda, Australia. Philippa died on 4 Sep 1883 309 .

Children from this marriage were:

   103 F    i. Beatrice Rose Vidal 132,309 was born on 20 Aug 1874. 309

Beatrice married Hugh Grant .309

+ 104 M    ii. Percy Dunstan Vidal 1,17 was born on 13 Sep 1876 in Gundry's Hill, Kapunda, South Australia 1 and died on 23 Jun 1960 in Prospect, Adelaide, South Australia 1 at age 83.

   105 M    iii. Lionel Vidal .17

General Notes: Died young

Furse  (302 KB)
From a minature signed DK (probably D. Kenrick who painted his father)
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56. Revd. Francis Furse Vidal 17 was born on 19 Jun 1836 in Great Torrington, Devon 17,181 and died on 27 Apr 1908 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk 17,113,182 at age 71.

Something about his life:

• Education: Sep 1846-Dec 1851, Eton College. 132,310 Boarded at Old Christopher's with his uncle, William Johnson and then at his father's house in Keate's Lane,

• Education: Jan 1852-Dec 1852, Jersey. 132 Attended an unidentified school

• Education: c. 1854.1856, Paris. 311 According to Furse's granddaughter, Pleasance Scrutton (later Bevan), he spent some time in Paris at a musical academy training to be an opera singer. Though he had a fine tenor voice his singing master told him that his throat would not stand the strain of professional work so he gave up his ambition to be a professional and contented himself, in later years, with after-dinner singing for which he was always much in demand.

It was during his time in Paris that he first met and was attracted to Lucy Cunliffe who was at the same finishing school as his sister, Lily.

• Abroad: Apr 1856-Mar 1859, California, USA. 132

• Education: 1860.1864, Cambridge. 312 Admitted to Trinity Hall October 16, 1860; Matriculated Lent 1861; B.A. 1864; M.A. 1868

• Ordination: 1864 & 1868, Various places. 163 Ordained Deacon in 1864 and Priest by the Bishop of Oxford in 1868.

• Occupation: 1864.1867, Windsor. 163 Curate of Clewer

• Occupation: May 1865-1881, Eton College. 132,163 On his marriage to Lucy, Furse needed a home for them both and what could have been better than taking over Old Christopher's, the Eton College boarding house which his father and mother had been running for many years. So his father and mother moved out and he and Lucy took over the running of the well-known "Vidal" house.

Furse seems to have continued to be Curate at Clewer-- the parish was not far from Eton -- until 1867 when he was appointed Conduct of Eton [School Chaplain] on a salary which amounted to £120 pa in 1877. No doubt, Furse needed the curate's stipend and was able tend to his duties in Clewer while Lucy looked after the domestic matters in Old Christopher's.

Furse and Lucy do not seem to have made much of a commercial success of their years at Old Christopher's. It may be that no Dame or Dominie at Eton made much of a profit in those days but Furse and Lucy only managed to make money in three out of their first ten years and ran up a deficit of about £1855 in that time, which was quite large sum in those days.

Furse left Eton when he was 45, quite a young age when compared with his father, and took the living of the three Creetings near Needham Market. We do not know whether this was because he and Lucy were tired of managing Old Christopher's and were still making losses there, or because things were changing at Eton, or simply because one of the College's benefices became vacant.

• Occupation: 1881.1909, Creeting, Needham Market, Suffolk. 163 On leaving Eton, Furse was appointed to the living of Creeting All Saints with St Margaret's and St Olave which was in the gift of the College.

• Obituary: 1 May 1908, Ipswich. 313 THE POST, FRIDAY, MAY 1, 1908



We regret to announce that the Rev. Francis Furse Vidal, the aged Rector of Creeting St. Mary, near Needham Market, died on Monday morning at Creeting Rectory. The rev. gentleman, who had reached the advanced age of 71 years, had held the united livings of Creeting St. Mary, All Saints, and St. Olave for more than a quarter of a century, had been unwell for some time, and at about 10 o'clock he passed peacefully away, to the regret of the neighbourhood with which he had closely identified himself for many years.

The deceased was educated at Eton College and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, taking his B.A. degree in 1863, and proceeding M.A. in 1868. He was ordained deacon in 1864, and priest in 1868. From 1864 to 1867 he was curate of Clewer, near Windsor, and in the latter year he was appointed Conduct Fellow of Eton College. He had held the livings at Creeting since 1881. During that period he recognised the responsibilities of the position he held in the matter of church restoration, and other parochial undertakings, while at the Rectory at which he resided so long he converted into a delightful country house residence. Outside the sphere of his labours as Rector he was specially known and respected for the ardent support he gave to one special class of horse. He had the greatest admiration for the wonderful Arab steed - the descendants of those remarkable animals which played so large a part in the invasion of Europe. He founded at his Suffolk home a stud which secured for him a wide reputation as a fine judge of the best examples of the breed. He was a fine horseman himself, and members of his family imbibed the same admiration for these graceful and spirited animals. The rev. gentleman was, indeed, often to be met in the countryside riding his favourite Arab, in company with members of his family similarly mounted. At one of the agricultural exhibitions, at Stowmarket, the rev. gentleman created something like a sensation by appearing in the ring with some of his favourite Arabs, pluckily ridden by himself and members of his household over hurdles, and the dash and grace with which they went through an exciting performance came as a pleasant surprise, as affording evidence of the capabilities of these beautiful creatures in clearing a fence. The Rev. F. F. Vidal will be greatly missed in the wide circle in which he was so prominent and active a resident during the many years he had spiritual charge of the three Creetings.

• Grant of Administration: 24 Jun 1909, London. 314 Effects: £2478 19s. Resworn: £4035 15s 6d & £4022-8-3.

• Postscript: Oct 1940, East Anglia. 315 An Arab Horse’s Memory.

“W. F. S.” encloses the following interesting cutting from the “East Anglian Daily Times” of October 1st, written by “ John O’Bosmere":— “Here are two instances of memory or retentiveness on the part of animals. The Rev. Francis Furse Vidal of Creeting St. Mary Rectory Suffolk, in the days of my youth was often to be seen in the local lanes mounted on a thoroughbred Arab, or on his own meadows breaking in one of these splendid horses. Among his many Arab horses was one named Esau, which, after a long sojourn at Creeting, was sold. Some years later Mr. Vidal went up to London on some ecclesiastical business, and, of course, gravitated to Tattersall’s. Glancing down the catalogues he noted an item of interest. ‘An old white Arab, no history.’ On inquiry he was assured that this was an ill-tempered brute no good to anybody. ‘But I’d like to have a look at him,’ persisted Mr. Vidal. He was shown a ferocious beast, which immediately rushed wildly at the groom who approached his box. ‘ Esau! Esau! Come here, pretty dear,’ called the visitor. The old horse came straight to him, and nuzzled his hand. For it was, indeed, Esau, a thin and straddle-legged Esau. Mr. Vidal bought him forthwith, and marched the fierce animal, now docile as a lamb, through the traffic to Liverpool Street Station. As soon as men tried to induce him to enter the chartered horse-box, he became unmanageable. Mr. Vidal had to lead him into the box and travel the seventy-seven miles to Needham Market in his company. Esau obviously rejoiced as he traversed the remembered lanes to the Rectory, where he greeted Mrs. Vidal and the children with loud grunts of happiness. He had come ‘home.’”

A Note on the Rev. Furse Vidal

My correspondent comments upon the article quoted above:— "I remember the Rev. Francis Vidal, of Creeting. He held that living from 1881 to 1901, and kept a stud of Arabs there. He used to ride a bay Arab stallion not very big, about 15 hands 1in, which carried him to hounds for some seasons. This was a beautiful animal, and very clever. At his sale on his death in 1901 we purchased a grey Arab mare by Kantaka out of Shibboleth. Kantaka was a bay Arab horse by Kismet, the winner of many races and sold to America for £1400, but this mare used to stumble rather badly in the trot, although a very good ride at a gallop. I do hope in spite of all the difficulties we shall be able keep hounds going if it is only a few couples so that our lads may have a little fun when on leave. I know very many look forward to a few days round Christmas, and it seems too bad to have to tell them that we are all closed down."
Lucy  (301 KB)
c. 1865 
From a minature signed DK (probably D. Kenrick who painted her father-in-law, Francis)
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Furse married Lucy Mary Cunliffe ,17 daughter of Robert Ellis Cunliffe and Charlotte Maria Jane Howel , on 19 Apr 1865 in Gresford, Denbigh 183.,184 Lucy was born on 10 Nov 1843 in Chinsurah, Bengal, India, 316,317 was baptized on 9 Dec 1843 in Chinsurah, Bengal, India, 318 died on 11 Apr 1909 in Woolpits, Nutfield, Surrey 319 at age 65, and was buried on 14 Apr 1909 in Creeting St. Mary, Needham Market, Suffolk. 320
Marriage Notes:

Saturday, April 22, 1865 - (Page 6)


MARRIAGE OF MISS LUCY MARY CUNLIFFE TO THE REV. F. F. VIDEL — The lovely village of Gresford was the scene of a little pleasant excitement on Wednesday morning occasioned by a number of people having assembled to witness the marriage of Miss Lucy Cunliffe, of the Gwastad, third daughter of the late R. E. Cunliffe, Esq. and sister of Sir R. A. Cunliffe, the present proprietor of the Acton estate. The bridegroom was the Rev. F. F. Videl, of Windsor, one of the masters of Eton School. The residence of the bride is situated on the banks of the Alyn, in the neighbourhood of Cefnybedd, whence the young lady took her departure about eleven o'clock in the morning accompanied by Sir R. A. Cunliffe. Soon after eleven the whole bridal party reached Gresford Church, in six carriages, amongst whom we noticed, Master Alfred Cunliffe; Mrs G.Cunliffe, Llwyn Isa; Rev. H. Cunliffe, Shiffnal; M. Humble, Esq.; Mrs Humble,Gwesyllt Park, etc. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. G. Cunliffe, uncle of the bride, in the presence of a large concourse of spectators. The bride was attired in a dress of white French satinette, with a bridal wreath, and elegant veil. The bridesmaid wore dresses of white Tarlton, with white grenadine cloaks, trimming of Magenta, and white blond bonnets. They were four in number, three of the bride's sisters, and Miss Groat cousin to the bride. On the bridal party leaving the church the bells struck up merry peal, and in the evening the happy pair left Gwastad for the wedding tour. 321

Something about her life:

• Report of death: 11 Apr 1909, Creeting, Needham Market, Suffolk. 322 A correspondent writing for the "Stowmarket Weekly Post" about the Easter Services at Creeting St. Mary spoke of Lucy's death as follows: --

"Quite a gloom was cast over the neighbourhood by the news early on Easter morning of the death of Mrs. Vidal, who left the parish last year. Preaching at the morning service on "The great Resurrection truths," the rector made in the following allusion to the sad event: The gracious lady who worshipped here for 27 years, and who had been eagerly looking forward to spend this Easter festival with us in the dear old church, has been suddenly called away to spend it in far more glorious courts in the immediate presence of the Master Himself. I am speaking to a congregation who knew Mrs. Vidal a great deal better than the preacher did. Still, from two or three interviews with her and from two or three kind letters to a younger rector, taking her husband's place, one can easily understand why it is that her name is cherished and loved in every cottage in this neighbourhood, and how it is that when she left the parish last year you all felt that you had lost a kind and sympathetic friend. I cannot say anymore now, except that only a few days ago she sent me this handsome hymn-board as an Easter offering; to be used to-day for the first time, and we were looking forward to see her and to thank her face to face. God, however, has willed otherwise.

• Probate Granted: 25 May 1909, London. 323 Effects: £10802 17s 2d. Resworn: £7887-3-8d.

Children from this marriage were:

   106 F    i. Marion Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 21 Mar 1866 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, 132,324 died on 6 Mar 1872 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk 325 at age 5, and was buried on 11 Mar 1872. The cause of her death was TB.

General Notes: The text of a letter written by Marion's father to his brother Jack following her death, aged nearly 6, in March 1872

Eton College
Windsor March 6/72

My dear Jack
My darling child passed away last night at 12-15. She had been painfully restless for two hours before & her efforts to speak were distressing to us & her -- she could not articulate -- though sometimes we made out what she meant -- sensible & conscious to the last. A few minutes before the End she said distinctly "Mother" -- with such a world of meaning in the tone & fixing her eyes of Lucy's face passed gradually away. The spirit fled so gently that it was hard to say the exact moment.
Poor dear Lucy! -- she is heartbroken & I am scarcely less so. My sweetest child -- the first. The funeral is to be on Monday.
Your ever loving brother
F. Furse Vidal

   107 F    ii. Gwynedd Lilian Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 20 Feb 1867 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,326 and died on 30 Jul 1928 327 at age 61.

General Notes: Sometime Dame of "Foxy" Stone's house at Eton.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 28 Nov 1929, London. 328 1929
VIDAL Gwyneed Lilian Cunliffe of Baldwins Bee Eton Buckinghamshire spinster died 30 July 1928 Probate London 28 November to Frederic Scrutton esquire. Effects: £7313 0s 1d

+ 108 F    iii. Maude Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 8 Feb 1868 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,329 and died on 4 Oct 1927 in Red Gables, Bletchingley, Surrey 330 at age 59.

   109 M    iv. Owen Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 19 Mar 1869 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,333 and died on 28 Feb 1907 1 at age 37.

Something about his life:

• Education: 1877.1883, Christ's Hospital School, London. The School records show that Owen was "presented" by a governor named, Jesse David Watts Russell, on 16th March 1877. Presentation was the culmination of a complex application process in which the parent had to petition the Governors for a place for the child in the School and provide evidence, inter alia, of the child's age, of the parent's marriage and the family income.

Owen's father ran a boarding house at Eton College, and as a result seems to have had some difficulty in persuading the Governors that the family income was only £250 per annum (£120 pa for his position as Conduct at Eton and £130 pa from a marriage settlement of his wife's). To convince them, Furse Vidal got his bank manager to provide a letter showing the financial position in relation to the boarding house over a period of 10 years. In 7 of them he had made a loss and was "in the red" to the tune of £1855-5-10 for the whole 10 year period.

Owen was "discharged" by his father on 21st December 1883 (ie left the school) three months before his fifteenth birthday, having risen to the "6th Order" in the Royal Mathematical School. Furse wrote to the School Treasurer the following day expressing his gratitude for the benefits Owen had received and declaring "I am deeply grieved that he has not availed himself better of the educational advantages offered him. He will go to sea in the Spring - & in the severe and hard life of an apprentice in the Merchant Service he will I trust and believe develop his character better than if continued in a school."

   110 F    v. Hilda Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 16 Jul 1871 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132 and died on 28 Oct 1928 327 at age 57.

Something about her life:

• Grant of Administration: 7 Dec 1929, London. 334 Effects: £5211 2s 3d. Resworn: £4432 5s 6d

   111 F    vi. Violet Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 18 Feb 1873 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, 132 was baptized on 23 Mar 1873 in Eton, Buckinghamshire, and died on 9 Dec 1928 327 at age 55.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 13 Dec 1929, London. 335 Effects: £3638 7s 9d

+ 112 M    vii. Iltyd Cunliffe Vidal 17,336 was born on 8 Jul 1874 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,337 and died on 19 Jul 1955 in Milton, New Zealand 338 at age 81.

   113 M    viii. Maurice Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 31 May 1875 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 339 and died on 2 Jun 1875 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 1,340 .

   114 M    ix. Donald Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 28 Mar 1877 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,181 and died on 22 Dec 1899 in Chantilly, Grenada, West Indies 132 at age 22. The cause of his death was Yellow fever.341

Something about his life:

• Education: 1891.1893, Framlingham College, Framlingham, Suffolk. 342 Cricket XI. 1892, 1893.

• Occupation: <1894>-1899, Chantilly, Grenada, West Indies. 342 Was a Planter here until he died at the early age of 22.

+ 115 M    x. Dr. Alan Cunliffe Vidal D.S.O. was born on 2 May 1880 in Eton, Buckinghamshire 132,181 and died on 25 Nov 1956 in Yorkshire 343 at age 76.

+ 116 M    xi. Norman Cunliffe Vidal 17,336 was born on 24 Jun 1882 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk 132,345 and died on 16 Jul 1957 in British Columbia, Canada 346 at age 75.

   117 F    xii. Gladys Cunliffe Vidal 17 was born on 12 Jul 1884 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk, 132 was baptized on 13 Aug 1884, and died on 17 Mar 1957 at age 72.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 17 Mar 1957, Ipswich. 347 Effects: £7012 7s 2d

   118 F    xiii. Myfanwy Vidal was born on 3 Jul 1886 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk, was baptized on 25 Jul 1886 in Creeting, Needham Market, Suffolk, and died on 30 Jul 1899 in Creeting Rectory, Needham Market, Suffolk at age 13. The cause of her death was diabetes.

Charley  (321 KB)
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57. Captain Charles Johnson Vidal R.N. 74 was born on 11 Aug 1838 in Exeter, Devon 1,74 and died on 14 Feb 1885 in Villa Lucie, Dinard, France 185,186 at age 46. The cause of his death was TB.

General Notes:  These brief notes on Charley's career in Navy are believed to have been written by his brother Jack and given by him as part of a tribute at Charley's funeral.

Entered the Navy in 1852 - served 4 years in the Hague as N. Cadet & Midshipman - took part in operations in the Baltic throughout the Russian War; was present at the bombardment of Bomarsund¹ and was awarded the Baltic medal. Afterwards served in the Orion in the W. Indies & the Ariel on the S.E. Coast of Africa which ship did good service suppressing the slave trade - was promoted Lieutenant Aug '59. As Lieutenant served in the St. George, afterwards the Bombay, when she took fire - was one of the last to leave her decks & was more than an hour in the water - when utterly exhausted he reached the Captain's galley, he was shoved off when trying to get on board but eventually one of the crew drew him in saving his life.

Served 3 years as 1st Lieutenant of Pallas from '66 to '69 when he was promoted. The "Times" devoted 3 or 4 columns especially to describing the state of perfection of this ship when the Lords of the Admiralty inspected the Channel Squadron. In this ship he was brought up insensible after endeavouring to suppress a fire which broke out in the breadroom; this effort and his previous Bombay experience permanently injured his health and was probably the cause of his lungs becoming affected ending in his early death.

Served as Commander of [the] Defence in West Indies & Mediterranean - brought the Lord Clyde home after temporary repair in Malta, with half of the crew of [the] Defence.

Served 3 years in the Britannia. Promoted Captain '76. Appointed to and served a few months in the Cleopatra on the China Station but had to give in having struggled hard against disease for several years.

¹ The Bomarsund Fortress was situated on the Åland archipelago. Its construction was started in 1832 when Åland became part of the Russian Empire.  It was completely destroyed by a British/French naval attack in 1854.

Something about his life:

• Education: Sep 1846-Dec 1847, Eton College. 310 Boarded at Old Christopher's with his uncle, William Johnson.

• Grant of Administration: 26 Mar 1885, London. 348 Personal Estate £291 13s 11d. Resworn August 1885 £984 13s 11d.

Margaret  (367 KB)
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Charley married Margaret Catherine Lascelles-Lloyd ,74 daughter of Edward Lascelles Lloyd and Catherine Lovekin , on 6 Aug 1872 in Hove, Sussex.187 Margaret was born on 5 Jan 1854 in France 74,349 and died on 22 Sep 1921 350 at age 67. After Charley died Margaret married a London solicitor, Richard Witty, by whom she had two daughters.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 18 Oct 1921, London. 351 Effects: £218 2s 4d.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 119 F    i. Isabel Margaret Vidal 17 was born on 12 Jun 1873 in Totnes, Devon 132,352 and died on 17 Nov 1948 in Montmorency (S. et O.), France 353 at age 75.

Barnaby  (313 KB)
c. 1900 
Presumably in the uniform of Ashburner

   120 M    ii. Charles Barnaby Magenis Vidal was born on 15 Aug 1878 132 and died on 7 Mar 1902 in Klipdrift, Litchenberg, Transvaal, South Africa 356 at age 23.

General Notes: Killed in action at Kilpdrift in Lord Methuen's Column during the Boer War while serving as a Sergeant Major with Ashburner's Light Horse. 357

Something about his life:

• Grant of Administration: 21 Apr 1922, London. 358 Effects: £511 8s 3d.

Jack  (348 KB)
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58. Captain John Henry Vidal R.N. was born on 8 Sep 1839 in Great Torrington, Devon, 132 died on 7 Feb 1918 in 34 Park Road, Chiswick, Middlesex 188 at age 78, and was buried on 11 Feb 1918 in Chiswick Old Cemetery, Chiswick, Middlesex.

General Notes: Richard Green, his son-in-law, wrote these things about Jack in his account of the Vidals:--

"John Henry Vidal was much the strongest and the most athletic of a family of athletes. He was exceptionally powerful and agile. In 1860 in the wardroom [of HMS Hibania] he jumped five wardroom chairs placed back to front in series. The chairs were fore and aft so that beams overhead were at right angles and 6ft 1 inch from the deck. The length of [each of] the chairs was 2ft 10 inches. There was no space to run, only space enough for a man to stand at either end. John Henry Vidal was 5ft 11¾ inches. He jumped the chairs in a crouched position. It was a most outstanding feat of agility, like a panther's spring.

He and a boatswain were the only men in the Navy who could lift a large gun from its base and insert fresh blocks single-handed.

He was inventive, some of his ideas being used by the Navy. He received £100 from the Admiralty for an invention, a torpedo catcher.

As a craftsman he had remarkable ability of the highest order. He made several silver tea services of such a small size that the teapot held at a single drop which it actually poured out. These minute services he sold at £10 each for charity.

For a wager, when a midshipman, he ate his wineglass to the stalk. One of the surgeons spoke of dire results but J.H.V. told me that he suffered no ill effects.

On the 24th July, 1876 he killed with fly salmon weighing 27, 18, 28, 23, 32lbs. -- total 128 -- on the Rastagouche in Canada."

Pleasance Bevan (née Scrutton) in her account of the Vidals recalled that:-
"He was very good with his hands and you "boys" [Pleasance's two sons] may remember that I gave you the little silver sailor hats* that he had made. I think I handed them over to you when you were too young, and you probably lost them, but they were beautifully made. He also made the napkin rings he gave my parents for a wedding present. One with letters Frederic and the other Maude. He made them out of melted down half-crowns."

*Some have survived to 2000, his great grandson, John Green, has one. 74,359

Something about his life:

• Education: Apr 1848-Jul 1853, Eton College. 310

• Naval Service: 1853.1886, Various places. 18 Jack reckoned his active service as being 29 years and 293 days. He was promoted to Captain on his retirement and awarded a special naval pension for distinguished services.

While serving with the "Pylades" he became involved in the Fenian uprising* in Canada and on June 4th 1866 in command of the hired river steamer "Royal" with 40 ratings from the "Pylades", he sailed up the St Lawrence river "with thousands of Fenians on the river bank" and not a shot was fired. Thirty years later he received his medal for this service, it had been overlooked. It happened in 1896 that his name appeared in a newspaper which was read by a former captain of the "Pylades" (Lord Hood, it is thought) who remembered that Jack had not been given the medal to which he was entitled.

When Jack served on HMS Victoria & Albert Yacht, Albert, the Queen's Consort, presented him with a six penny piece for winning the officers race round the decks. Jack later mounted this in a frame of his own silverwork.

*A force of one brigade of the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), a secret revolutionary group founded in Dublin on March 17, 1858, by James Stephens, under the command of Colonel John O'Neill.

• Report of death: Feb 1918, Various places. A local Sunderland newspaper reported Jack's death:-


Captain John Vidal, R.N., died at his residence in Chiswick on Thursday evening from a seizure. He was born at Torrington, Devon, in 1839, and was the third son of the Reverend Francis Vidal, who had the famous Vidal's House at Eton College. After leaving Eton in 1853 he passed into the Navy as a cadet to H.M.S. Juno. During his service he was awarded a medal for being in charge of the gunboat which quelled the Fenian disturbance in Canada, was appointed to the H.M. Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert in 1860. And became commander in 1872. He came to H.M.S. Durham, the old Sunderland Guard Ship, in 1880, and commanded her for some time. On retirement he was awarded a special naval pension for distinguished services. The Devon family, of which he was a member, was famous for its sailors and soldiers and his cousin, the former First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir A. Kynvet-Wilson, V.C., is now the only surviving member of his generation.

Captain Vidal married a daughter of the Hon. P.A. Espeut, who survives him, together with their four sons - - Major F. Vidal of the War Office, Capt. J. Vidal, M.C., Lieut. W. Vidal, R.E. and Mr C. Vidal (British Representative to America as Shell-Gauge Expert) - - and one daughter, Mrs Richard Green, of Sunderland."

Another local paper, probably in the Chiswick area where he had lived, reported his death:-


Interesting link with the past.

We regret to announce the death, which took place suddenly on Thursday of last week, at his residence, 34, Park - road, of Captain John Henry Vidal, R.N., at the advanced age of 78 years. Born on the 8th of September, 1839, the third son of the Rev. Francis Vidal, of Eton College, the late Captain Vidal had had a most interesting and varied naval career, and may well be described as a link with the "old wooden walls" period in the naval history of England. When only fourteen years of age he went to sea on the frigate "Juno" - - on which they were then still eating Peninsula War provisions - - in 1853, served in the Black Sea at the time of the Crimean War, and as a lieutenant on the "Victoria and Albert", Queen Victoria's yacht. He was also on the "Merrimac," the first ironclad, during the American Civil war, and saw service in Canada during the Fenian raids. He was also on board the "Vigilant" during the siege of Vienna by the Austrians. The "Vigilant" was the only English warship ever permitted to go up the Grand Canal and anchor off the Doges Palace. His last foreign service was as commander on board the battleship "Bellerophon". Later Captain Vidal took over the command of the training ship "Durham" performing coastguard duties, retiring with a supplementary good service pension to live in Sunderland, in November, 1886. He removed to Chiswick in 1905. Captain Vidal married Julia Ursula Bancroft, fourth daughter of the Hon. Peter Alexander Espeut, of Jamaica, thus resuming a family association which began as long ago as 1655, when Cromwell sent Penn and Venerables to conquer Jamaica, the then John Vidal being an officer in the army of occupation. He leaves a family of four sons and one daughter. Three of his sons are temporarily serving in His Majesty's forces.

The funeral took place on Monday last, the first part of the service being conducted at St Michael's, Sutton Court, by the Rev. L. McNeil Shelford, the internment being at the Chiswick burial ground, where the "Last Post" was sounded over the grave by the buglers of the 4th Battalion, Middlesex Volunteer Regiment. Nearer relatives and a number of friends were amongst the mourners."

• Probate Granted: 1 Mar 1918, London. 360 Effects: £1476 11s 11d which he left to his wife.
Julia  (323 KB)
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Jack married Julia Ursula Bancroft Espeut ,361 daughter of Peter Alexander Espeut and Marianne Augusta Bancroft , on 24 Apr 1878 in The Parish Church, Stoke Damerel, Devon 189.,190 Julia was born on 17 May 1861, 361 died on 5 Jun 1939 in 385 High-road, Chiswick, Middlesex 362,363 at age 78, and was buried on 9 Jun 1939 in Chiswick Old Cemetery, Chiswick, Middlesex. 364

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 14 Aug 1939, London. 365 Effects: £1520 12s 8d

Children from this marriage were:

+ 121 M    i. Col. Francis Peter Vidal C.B.E. 17 was born on 22 Feb 1879 in Devonport, Devon, 17 died on 14 Sep 1952 in The Salop Nursing Institution, Shrewsbury 366,367 at age 73, and was buried on 17 Sep 1952 in Chiswick, London. 368

+ 122 F    ii. Madeline Vidal was born on 18 Dec 1880 in 2 Roker Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham, 370 was baptized on 16 Jan 1881, died on 16 Jul 1953 in 3 Grange Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham 371 at age 72, and was buried in Chester Road Cemetery, Sunderland.

+ 123 M    iii. William Espeut Vidal 74 was born on 1 Sep 1881 in 2 Roker Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham, 74 was baptized on 1 Oct 1881 in St Stephen's Church, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, 74,107 and died on 5 Jan 1943 in Stobhill Hospital, 133 Balornock Road, Glasgow 374,375 at age 61.

   124 F    iv. Elsie Vidal was born on 24 Dec 1884 in 2 Roker Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham and died on 28 Dec 1884 in 2 Roker Terrace, Sunderland, Co. Durham.

+ 125 M    v. Charles Henry Vidal was born on 26 Sep 1886 in 37 The Avenue, Sunderland, Co. Durham, was baptized on 3 Nov 1986 in Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, and died on 29 Jul 1948 in 50 Sloane Street, London, SW1 377 at age 61.

   126 M    vi. Edward Vidal was born on 4 Jan 1889 in 1 Park Road, Sunderland, Co. Durham, was baptized on 13 Feb 1889 in Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, and died on 29 Feb 1892 in 1 Park Road, Sunderland, Co. Durham 380 at age 3.

+ 127 M    vii. John Furse Bancroft Vidal M.C. was born on 30 May 1892 in 1 Park Road, Sunderland, Co. Durham, was baptized on 13 Jul 1892 in Christ Church, Bishopwearmouth, Co. Durham, and died on 23 Nov 1980 381 at age 88.

Lily  (329 KB)
From a painting
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

59. Elizabeth Theresa Vidal was born on 23 Mar 1841 in Minchinbury, South Creek, NSW, 164 was baptized on 22 Apr 1841 in St. Mary Magdalene, South Creek, NSW, 191 and died on 29 Sep 1898 in 33 Park Mansions, Battersea, London 192,193 at age 57.

Something about her life:

• Education: 1852- Jun 1853, Upton. 132 Attended Miss Champney's School

• Education: Jan 1854-Jun 1855, Brighton. 132,384 Attended Miss Parkinson's School. Miss Parkinson was a woman of “somewhat advanced religious views” who was favoured by Lily’s mother who had become interested in the Tractarian movement at that time. Lily, religious by inclination and upbringing, was deeply affected by this woman becoming devout to the point of obsession, during this period.

• Education: c. Sep 1855 - ????, Paris. 359 Lily attended a finishing school in Paris after leaving Miss Parkinson's establishment in Brighton. How long she was in Paris is not known but her niece, Pleasance Scrutton (later Bevan), writes that her stay over-lapped with her brother, Furse's , time there when he was training to become a professional singer. One of Lily's friends at the school was Lucy Cunliffe who later married Furse whom she first met there.

Lily married Revd. Edward Daniel Stone on 3 Aug 1861 in Eton College Chapel, Eton, Buckinghamshire 194.,195 Edward was born on 31 Dec 1832 and died on 17 Sep 1916 385 at age 83.

Something about his life:

• Education: Jan 1845-Dec 1852, Eton College. 386 Newcastle Select 1849-51, Newcastle Scholar 1852.

• Education: 1852.1855, King's College , Cambridge. 386 Scholar, B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858; Elected Fellow 1856.

• Employment: 1857.1884, Eton College. 386 Assistant Master

• Probate Granted: 2 Nov 1916, London. 387 Effects: £950 6s 8d

Children from this marriage were:

   128 F    i. Mary Stone 17 was born on 10 Oct 1862. 17

   129 F    ii. Lucy Hester Stone 17 was born on 8 Mar 1865. 17

   130 M    iii. Revd. Francis Joseph Stone M.V.O. 17 was born on 19 Jun 1866 17 and died on 1 Nov 1942 in Virginia Water Cottage, Windsor Great Park 388 at age 76.

+ 131 M    iv. Edward Wellington Stone 17 was born on 16 Oct 1867. 17

   132 F    v. Margaret Theresa Stone 17 was born on 13 Feb 1870. 17

Margaret married Revd. Thomas Buchanan Carter ,17 son of John Proctor Carter and Unknown , on 24 May 1904 in Church of S. Helen, Abingdon, Berks..390

+ 133 F    vi. Ruth Boswell Stone 17 was born on 6 Mar 1871. 17

   134 M    vii. William Johnson Stone 17 was born on 12 Dec 1872 17 and died on 28 Feb 1901 in Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire 391 at age 28.

Something about his life:

• Grant of Administration: 9 May 1901, London. 392 Effects: £422 .19s .2d

   135 M    viii. Guy Ironsides Stone 17 was born on 30 Jun 1874 17 and died in Sep 1953 in Canada 393 at age 79.

Guy married Muriel Andrewes , daughter of Revd. Walter H Andrewes and Unknown .

   136 F    ix. Lady Faith Norma Stone 17 was born on 26 Nov 1878 17 and died on 9 Jul 1960 395 at age 81.

Faith married Sir Edward Montagu Compton Mackenzie ,17,395 son of Edward Compton and Virgina Bateman , on 30 Nov 1905. Monty was born on 17 Jan 1883 395 and died on 30 Nov 1972 395 at age 89.

   137 M    x. Christopher Reynolds Stone D.S.O., M.C. 17 was born on 19 Sep 1882 17 and died on 22 May 1965 396 at age 82.

Something about his life:

• Probate Granted: 23 Jun 1965, London. 397 Effects: £14,522

Christopher married Alice Emily Wilson 396 on 17 Nov 1908 in St Michael's, Chester Square, London.398 Alice was born <1862> 396 and died in 1945 396 at age 83.

   138 F    xi. Nelly Stone 399 was born <1893>. (Adopted) (Relationship to Father:Adopted, Relationship to Mother:Adopted)

Wellie  (379 KB)
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

60. Revd. Robert Wellington Vidal 150 was born on 19 Feb 1843 in Balmain, Sydney, Australia, 150 was baptized on 23 Mar 1843 in St. James Church, Sydney, NSW, 150 died on 10 Nov 1911 in Bethlehem Royal Hospital, Lambeth Road, Southwark 196,197 at age 68, and was buried on 15 Nov 1911 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire. 198

Medical Notes: Wellie seems to have been in poor health for the last ten or twelve years of his life and was forced to give up the living he had at Bayford due to it. Nothing specific is said of his condition but given where he died and the evidence of his daughter, Lois's, account in "Magpie" and two surviving letters (see below) which his aunt, Ellen Deane, wrote to his brother Jack, it seems to have been a psychiatric problem, probably severe depression.

"It makes me too dreadfully sad to think of that dear Wellie - a sort of sorrow one can't talk of - but our intercourse so suddenly cut short is one of my great losses..."

"I wonder if you go to see the beloved Wellie - It is long now since I heard if he left town for a little change in the country - Carry & I talked of him as I knew him as a Boy - - oh its too utterly sad - & I long for the old letters & the same dear man who stayed with me in /92 - & who I often met at Aunt Sarah's - I was grieved to see Carry so worn looking - but it is no wonder." 400

Something about his life:

• Education: Jan 1851-Jul 1858, Eton College. 401 Won 250 yards Hurdle Race in 1857 or 1858.

• Education: 1862.1866, Oxford. 386,402 Was admitted as an undergraduate at St. John's College taking his matriculation on 16 December 1862 aged 19. B.A. 1866; M.A. 1869; 1st in 100 yards in a "Oxford v Cambridge" athletics match.

• Ordination: 1868, Oxford. 403 Ordained deacon by Bishop of Oxford

• Ordination: 19 Sep 1869, Wells. 132,403 By Bishop Chapman of Bath and Wells

• Occupation: 1868.1881, Various places. 403 Curate of Burham with Boveney, Berks., 1868-1869; Marston-Bigot, Somerset, 1869-70; Staines, 1871-1872 and Sutton, Suffolk, 1872-1881. This last parish was where his father was the Vicar.

• Occupation: 1881.1902, Bayford, Hertfordshire. 403 Wellie was Vicar in this parish for about twenty years. Latterly, he seems to have been absent from it due to ill-health (the beginnings of his psychiatric problems?) and eventually gave up the living in 1902 aged 59.

• Retirement: 1902, Oxford. 403 On leaving Bayford, Wellie and the family went to live in Oxford where the family remained for some years. Wellie's health seems to have deteriorated mentally and , presumably physically, from retirement until his death in 1911, aged 68.

• Probate Granted: 11 Jan 1912, London. 404 Personal Estate: £1490 16s 1d.
Carry  (421 KB)
Photographed by Argent Archer of Kensington
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

Wellie married Caroline Elizabeth Andrewes , daughter of Revd. William Nesfield Andrewes and Mary Ann Fothergill Cooke , on 22 Jan 1878 in Shottisham, Suffolk 199.,200 Carry was born in 1851 in Bulmer, Sudbury, Essex 405 and died on 3 Aug 1932 in Headington, Nr Oxford 406 at age 81.

General Notes: Caroline's gt. grandfather was Robert Andrewes of Auberies Bulmer who with his wife Frances (née Carter) was painted by Gainsborough, c. 1748/49. The picture now belongs to the National Gallery. 407

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 5 Sep 1932, Oxford. 408 Effects: £6849 1s 4d. Resworn: £6807 17s 3d & £6861 6s 3d

Children from this marriage were:

   139 F    i. Mary Theresa Vidal 17 was born on 24 Nov 1878 in Sutton, Woodbridge, Suffolk, 17,409 died on 20 Oct 1898 in The Vicarage, Bayford, Hertfordshire 17,400 at age 19, and was buried on 22 Oct 1898 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire. 400,410

+ 140 M    ii. Peter Wellington Furse Vidal 17 was born on 24 Jan 1880 in Sutton, Woodbridge, Suffolk 17,409 and died in Nov 1943 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 411 at age 63.

   141 F    iii. Dorothy Vidal 17 was born on 31 Jul 1881 in Sutton, Woodbridge, Suffolk 17,412 and died on 12 Aug 1961 in Barnwood House Hospital, Barnwood, Gloucester 413 at age 80.

General Notes: Got a 2nd in Modern History at Oxford in 1904 as an undergraduate of the Society of Oxford Home-Students.

Taught a Berkhamsted School for Girls for about four years prior to her marriage. 414

Dorothy married John Kyffin , son of Revd. Thomas Lloyd Kyffin and Sarah Louisa Andrewes , on 15 Sep 1925 in St. Peter's Church, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire 400.,415 John was born in 1866 in Ffestiniog, North Wales 416 and died on 13 Dec 1950 in The Acland Nursing Home, Oxford 417 at age 84.

Marriage Notes: Dorothy was John's second wife. They were first cousins; their mothers being sisters.

General Notes: Educated at Keble College, Oxford. Matriculated 16/10/1885 aged 17. Doctor of Medicine

   142 M    iv. Robert Mark Vidal 17 was born on 3 Feb 1884, 17 was baptized on 22 Feb 1884 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire, 418 died on 1 Jan 1900 in Foxearth, Sudbury, Essex 17 at age 15, and was buried on 4 Jan 1900 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire. 400,419 The cause of his death was tubercular blood-poisoning.

Something about his life:

• Education: Jan 1898-Dec 1899, Haileybury College, Hertfordshire. 411 In Trevelyan House, 2nd Cricket XI '99.

   143 F    v. Bridget Elizabeth Vidal 17 was born on 13 May 1885, 17 was baptized on 11 Jun 1885 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire, 418 died on 29 Apr 1914 in Cluny, Alberta, Canada 400,420 at age 28, and was buried in Gleichen, Alberta, Canada. 400 The cause of her death was rat poison.

   144 M    vi. Lancelot Andrewes Vidal 17 was born on 12 Jun 1887, 17,400 was baptized on 21 Jun 1887 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire, 418 and died on 25 Sep 1915 in Givenchy, France 17,385 at age 28.

Something about his life:

• Obituary: 1915. Origin unknown, possibly a local Oxford newspaper

Second-Lieutenant Lancelot Andrewes Vidal 3rd Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, killed at Givenchy, September 25, aged 28, was the third son of the late, Rev. R. W. Vidal, vicar of Bayford, and of Vidal, Windrush, Foxcombe Hill, Oxford. He was educated at Malvern, and at Brasenose, Oxford. In 1909 he went as a master to Radley, where he had just become a tutor at the outbreak of the war. He was a fine all-round athlete, one of the few men who have been first-class at both kinds of football. In September, 1914, he was gazetted to a Special Reserve Commission, in the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry, having been on the unattached list for three years. He went to France in March last, and took part in the heavy fighting at Ypres in April and May. After the big attack in September he was reported missing, and it has since been learnt that he was killed by a shell whilst pushing forward with his section.

• Grant of Administration: 9 Aug 1916, Oxford. 422 1916
VIDAL Lancelot Andrews of Windrush Foxcombe-hill Berkshire second lieutenant 3rd battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry died 25 September 1915 at Givenchy France on active service Administration Oxford 9 August to Caroline Elizabeth Vidal widow. Effects: £1695 1s 3d. Resworn: £1518 4s 3d.
Lois  (301 KB)
c. 1900 
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

   145 F    vii. Lois Vidal 17 was born on 25 May 1889, 17 was baptized on 10 Jun 1889 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire, 418 and died on 28 Nov 1956 in Coulsdon, Surrey 343,423 at age 67.

General Notes: Author of "Magpie" - an account of her early life and that of her family in the period 1895-1932

Something about her life:

• Grant of Administration: 19 Feb 1957, London. 424 Effects: £1503 0s 3d

Lois married Charles C Chatham in 1932 in St George's, Hanover Square, London.425 The marriage ended in divorce. Another name for Charles was Charles C Henderson.

+ 146 M    viii. Charles John Vidal 17 was born on 3 Apr 1895, 17 was baptized on 1 May 1895 in St. Mary's Church, Bayford, Hertfordshire, 418 died on 26 Nov 1971 in Battle Hospital, Reading, Berkshire 1,426 at age 76, and was buried on 8 Dec 1971 in Hermitage Church, Newbury, Berkshire. 1

George  (318 KB)
c.  1900 
A self-portrait
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

61. George William Vidal 74 was born on 23 Sep 1845 in Great Torrington, Devon, 74 died on 13 Oct 1907 in "Torrington", West Hill, Sydenham, Kent 201 at age 62, and was buried on 16 Oct 1907 in Elmer's End. 202

General Notes: Lawn Tennis and Badminton, March 6, 1907 (page 584)

OUR CARTOON.                                       Cartoon of George


MR. GEORGE WILLIAM VIDAL was born at Torrington, Devon on September 23, 1815, and is the fifth son of the Rev. Francis Vidal, M.A., one of the old and now extinct race of Eton Dominies, and afterwards Vicar of Sutton, in Suffolk. The subject of to-day's cartoon spent seven years at Eton, where he distinguished himself by winning the Eton School Double Sculls and steering the Victory, 1860-1861, when Colonel the Hon. H. C. Needham steered the Monarch - a coincidence, inasmuch that each of these gentlemen should have devoted their later years to the development of Badminton and Croquet respectively. After being called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, in 1877, he joined the Indian Civil Service, and ultimately held office as Chief Secretary to the Government of Bombay and as an additional Member of the Legislative Council. It is interesting to note that he played at Sattara, Bombay Presidency, on July 10, 1873, in the first game of Badminton ever played in Western India (the cradle of the. present Association game) and the first game played anywhere in a covered court specially built for the purpose. This historical court, owing to the only entrance being in the middle and the whole width being required for the court, was responsible for the hour glass shape or "waisted" court which was copied elsewhere, both for Badminton and early lawn tennis, like the buttress in the Eton Fives Courts. The net post, next the door - to avoid cutting the narrow entrance door in half - had to be moved inwards, and the post on the opposite side had to be moved in for symmetry, whence the hour glass. It may not be generally know that the earliest Badminton rules were drawn up in Poona in 1875. After retiring from the Indian Civil Service, Mr. Vidal joined the Badminton Association in 1897, and succeeded Major Dolby as Hon. Secretary and Treasurer, and how efficiently he occupied the post is common knowledge, the membership to the Association rising from thirty to no less than two hundred clubs during his term of office. He is deeply interested in Natural History, and has contributed many valuable papers to Natural History journals, while he is the winner of innumerable medals and prizes in photographic competitions. Always fond of games, and an adept at all kind and manner of sport, Mr. Vidal has won the All England Veteran Badminton Doubles Championship on no less than three occasions, his last win taking place only last week. At lawn tennis he has won the All England Veteran Doubles Championship twice, and was on one occasion runner up for the Veteran Singles. On his retirement last year from the post of Hon. Secretary and Treasurer to the Badminton Association, he was presented with a testimonial to which over a hundred clubs and players subscribed as a recognition how much both the Association and the game itself owes to his efforts.

Something about his life:

• Education: Sep 1854-Mar 1861, Eton College. 386,428 Won the Double Sculls in 1860

• Education: London. 386 An Associate of King's College; Barrister-at-Law; Member of Lincoln's Inn.

• Employment: 26 Oct 1867-1 Mar 1897, India. 386,429 George had a distinguished career in the Indian Civil Service spanning nearly thirty years. He rose to be Chief Secretary to the Government of Bombay and a Member of the Legislative Council there. He retired in 1897 and returned to live in England.

The India Office List of 1898 gives George's entry:-

VIDAL, GEORGE WILLIAM, B.L., late Indian C.S (Bombay). Educ. at Eton, and King's Coll., London, apptd. after exam. of 1865 ; arrived, 26th Oct. 1867, and served in Bombay as asst. collr.[collector] and mag.[magistrate], and forest settlt. officer ; first asst., Dec., I878; member of the mixed commn.[commission] at Goa, 1880 and 1885; prest.[president] of the Bombay forest commn., Dec., 1885; collr. and mag., Panch Mahals, and pol. agent, Rewa Kantha, Sept., 1886; collr. of salt rev.[revenue], Bombay, Sept., 1888 ; sec., pol., &c., depts., Feb., 1895 ; acting chief sec., April, :1895 member of legisl. council from June, 1894; chief sec. pol. dept., July, 1896; retd., March, 1897.

• Occupation: London. 386 Member of the Governing Body ot the Imperial Institute

• Obituary: 24 Oct 1907, London. 430


Mr. George William Vidal, to whose death, on the 14th inst., a brief reference was made in LAWN TENNIS AND BADMINTON last week, was born at Torrington, Devon, on September 23, 1845, and was the sixth son of the Rev. Francis Vidal, M.A. He was educated at Eton, where he distinguished himself by winning the school Double Sculls, and steering the Victory, 1860-61, and Cambridge, where he held a scholarship. He passed for the Indian Civil Service in 1865, when in the final examination, he won the first prize for "Law of Evidence and Notes on Cases Reported," and proceeded to Bombay in 1867. In 1877 he was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn, but continued his career in the Bombay Presidency, where he was much liked and highly esteemed, rising gradually in his profession and holding many responsible posts. Prior to his retirement he became Chief Secretary to the Government of Bombay, and an additional member of the Legislative Council.

The life of an Indian civilian lends itself to sport and the study of nature, and Mr. Vidal was not slow to avail himself of its opportunities, besides being an adept both at big and small game shooting, he was an acknowledged authority on Indian birds and snakes.

In the course of his career as a lawn tennis player he won the All-England's Veteran's Doubles Championship twice, and was once runner-up for the Veteran's Championship Singles, while at Badminton he won the Veteran's Doubles Championships four times. He was the pioneer of Badminton in Western India, and actually played, in 1873, in the first game ever played there, and some ten years later took a prominent part in the revival of the game in England, becoming hon. secretary and treasurer of the Badminton Association and, and finally its president.

Amongst his many pursuits he found time to become quite an expert photographer, as the portrait on this page, taken by himself, shows. He was also a talented musician, playing the guitar and singing to his own accompaniment, and of late years became an ardent motorist, and drove his car himself. It was, indeed, during a motor tour in Normandy, last August, that he contracted the malady which has caused the death of a gentle, courteous, and talented English gentleman, loved and respected by all who knew him.

• Probate Granted: 2 Nov 1907, London. 431 Effects: £11168 7s 10d.
Cissy  (386 KB)
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

William married Cecilia Palmer Chapman , daughter of Lt William Chapman and Unknown , on 2 Jan 1871 in Rutnaghery, South Konkin, Bombay Presidency, India.203 Cissy was born on 19 Dec 1851 432 and died on 25 Mar 1933 433 at age 81.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 25 May 1933, London. 434 Effects: £17011 4s 4d

Children from this marriage were:

+ 147 F    i. Norah Frances Vidal 17 was born on 22 Apr 1872 in Rutnagire, Bombay Presidency, India, 435 was baptized on 26 Jun 1872 in Rutnagire Church, Bombay Presidency, India, 435 and died on 16 May 1939 in Little Wood, Park Road, Camberley, Surrey 362 at age 67.

Winifred  (339 KB)
c. 1930 
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

   148 F    ii. Winifred Francis Vidal 17 was born on 15 Nov 1873 in Satara, Bombay Presidency, India, 437 was baptized on 17 Dec 1873 in Satara Church, Bombay Presidency, India, 437 and died on 15 Sep 1950 in Frimley and Camberley District Hospital, Surrey 438,439 at age 76.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 9 Nov 1950, London. 440 Effects: £19,111 8s 11d

Winifred married Colonel Henry Oliphant Selby 132 on 13 Sep 1898 in Lewisham, London 132.,441 Henry was born on 8 Dec 1848 432 and died on 2 Jan 1900 in Montreux, Switzerland 132,442 at age 51.

Something about his life:

• Military Service: 1868.1900, Various places. 443 Henry joined the Royal Engineers; promoted to Lt., July 1868; Capt., Sept 1880; Major, June 1887; Lt. Col., April 1894 and Colonel, April 1898.

He specialised in railways and was seconded to the Government of Bombay in the latter part of his career to oversee railway operations.

• Obituary: 9 Jan 1900, London. 444 The Times


COL. HENRY OLIPHANT SELBY R. E., Secretary to the Public Works Department (Railways), Bombay, died in Montreux on 2nd inst. He obtained his Lieutenant's Commission in the Engineers in 1869 and arrived in India in 1871. In 1874 he was on famine duty. In the Afghan War of 1879-1880 he took part in the march to Kandahar with the force under Major-General Phayre, serving for the latter part of the time as superintendent of signalling on the line of communications; and was mentioned in dispatches and obtained the medal. In 1881 he was promoted to Captain, in 1887 to Major, in 1894 to Lieut. Colonel and 1898 to Colonel.

In 1883 he was appointed deputy consulting engineer for railways, Bombay, and the under secretary to the Government of Bombay in the railway branch in March 1892. In November 1892 he was appointed deputy consulting engineer and under secretary for railways in January 1894. In October 1894 he was promoted to be secretary and consulting engineer and was advanced to the rank of superintending engineer in March 1895.

• Grant of Administration: 6 Apr 1900, London. 445 Effects: £2647 18s 7d

+ 149 M    iii. Hugh Francis Vidal was born on 29 Oct 1878 in Dapoli, Bombay Presidency, India, 446 was baptized on 16 Jan 1879 in St. John's Church, Dapoli, Bombay Presidency, India, 446 and died on 6 Mar 1941 in Canada 411 at age 62.

Leonard  (351 KB)
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

63. Major Leonard Hugh Vidal 17 was born on 13 Oct 1856 in Oakley Square, London 17 and died in 1936 in London 208 at age 80.

General Notes: There is no trace of Leonard having made a Will or for an application being made or granted to administer his estate. It is to be presumed, therefore, that he made over all his assets to his sons (including the business of F. P. Baker & Co., in which his eldest son Hugh became the major shareholder) some years before his death. F. P. Baker would have been able to provide him with a reasonable pension so he would have had little need of capital.

Something about his life:

• Education: Jan 1869-Mar 1872, Eton College. 447

• Education: May 1872-Dec 1874, Brighton College. 448 The College Register has nothing about Leonard's achievements there but does record his future career through Cambridge and Sandhurst to the Indian Staff Corps.

• Education: 1876, Cambridge. 162 Admitted to St Catherine's College July 21, 1876; Matriculated Michaelmas 1876. Does not appear to have stayed more than two academic years as he took an Army commission in May 1878. Certainly, he did not take a degree.

• Education: Jan 1877-Jul 1878, Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

• Military Service: 1878.1889, India. 162,447 Commissioned into the 11th of Foot as a Second Lieutenant, May 1, 1878; Lieutenant, Devon Regt., May 19, 1880; transferred to Bombay Staff Corps 1880 (Army List of 1886 shows him as a Wing Officer in the 29th Bombay Native Infantry); Served in Egypt 1882; Captain, May 1, 1889; Major, May 1, 1898; Retired 1899.

During the latter part of his service in India he was Deputy Assistant Adjutant General to the Bombay Command in Poona.

• Occupation: 1899.1921, London. 449 On returning from India in 1899, Leonard purchased the Baker Company (F. P. Baker & Company) from Frederick Parker Baker, its founder, for some thing in excess of £6,000 — not an inconsiderable sum in those days — as the Company's Centenary Brochure observes.

F. P. Baker, late of the Indian Civil Service, had built on his experience in India to start in 1865 an exporting business which in its early days supplied text books to schools and missions there. In time the business expanded into institutional supplies of all kinds followed by clothing, baggage, camping, medicines and tools for individuals working and travelling overseas. Whether or not Leonard knew of or had connections with the Company during his days in India is unclear but it is said that the ageing Mr Baker offered it for sale to Leonard so there must have been some prior connection.

The Company's Centenary Brochure gives this account of company's fortunes during this time:- "Between 1899 and 1921 the affairs of the company fluctuated widely. The period started with a confident and Empire-minded Britain and ended in the dismal trade slump which followed World War 1. These years had seen the introduction of electricity, the motor car, aeroplane, telephone and radio, while the disorganised worker of 1899 had become the trade unionist of 1921. There is no doubt that the war years had put a heavy strain on Major Vidal; a war during the earlier years of which exports shipments had sometimes to be replaced two or three times over, so heavy were the losses inflicted on our shipping by U Boats. In 1921 Major Vidal decided he could no longer continue and the company, in danger of being closed altogether, was saved by his son Hugh, who, sacrificing a promising military career, stepped into the vacant Managing Directorship."
Florrie  (365 KB)
c. 1900 
Photographed in Aix-les-Bains sometime after her and Leonard

Leonard married Florence Rachel Edwardes ,17 daughter of General Sir Stanley de Burg Edwardes KCB and Lady Adelaide Jane Leckie , on 27 Apr 1886. The marriage ended in separation. Florrie was born in 1865, 17,450 died on 12 Feb 1959 in Summer Court Nursing Home, Southborough, Tonbridge 17,451 at age 94, and was buried on 17 Feb 1959 in Sandhurst, Kent. 452

Marriage Notes: Leonard and Florrie appear to have drifted apart on their return to England. Leonard was obviously deeply involved with F. P. Baker & Company following his purchase of the business in 1899 and as a consequence was living in London while Florrie was ensconced in Balcombe, near Haywards Heath. Some time in 1900 Leonard seems to have become entangled with another woman, a Mrs Vincent (a married lady of Irish connection) and despite considerable pressure from Florrie's family (see below) never again lived with Florrie and the children and, indeed, was persona non grata from that time as far as both the Vidal and Edwardes families were concerned.

Fred Leckie, an uncle from whom Florrie had solicited help about Leonard's desertion, reporting back to her in a letter of October 24, 1900 says ".... I have had a further talks with Radcliffe [the family solicitor?] today, we came to the conclusion that we had done all we could with Leonard in advice & persuasion & that it required the authority of your father to work the matter further ....". Later in the same letter Fred goes on to say ".... I saw L. also again this forenoon but could not bring him to a sense of his duty - You & he have drifted apart by living separately, and another has stepped in between you - It is the old old story ....". 453

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 23 Apr 1959, London. 454 Effects: £11102 4s 2d

Children from this marriage were:
Hugh  (358 KB)
bet. 1940-1945 
(Click on Picture to View Full Size)

   150 M    i. Hugh Stanley George Vidal 17 was born on 17 Feb 1887 in India 17 and died on 29 Dec 1958 in 11 Wildcroft Manor, Putney, London S.W. 15 346 at age 71.

Something about his life:

• Occupation: 1921.1958, London. 449 Hugh took over the position of Managing Director of F. P. Baker & Co. on his father's retirement in 1921. Presumably, his father made over a controlling interest in the Company (his brother, Dick, had only a minority interest) at that time or at least some time afterwards because Leonard seems to have disposed of all his assets before he died as neither probate nor administration was sought.

The Company's Centenary Brochure of 1965 says this of the Company under Hugh's leadership:- "Bustling with energy and new ideas, Major Hugh quickly set in motion the changes which resulted in the modern Baker's we know today. The old Bond Court premises in the City (near the Bank of England) were vacated and the company moved to commodious buildings in Golden Square, in the heart of the West End of London, where business flourished and expanded. Concentrating on supplying the needs of those living overseas, customers grew to include Princes, Maharajas, Governors, servicemen and clerks, and the Baker service became world renowned. "Everything under one roof" was the proud slogan, and literally anything could be ordered from Baker's and shipped to any part of the world.

These mighty days ended in 1939 with the outbreak of World War 2. Shorn of most of its staff and with Major Hugh himself away at the War Office, the company maintained what service it could during those difficult days, as clients of the period will well remember.

The war over, the company had to face the new conditions of controls and shortages, for in many ways the old order had gone for good. The Empire, where so much trade had been done in past years, was changing its form and the need for the kind of service for which Baker's had become famous was fast diminishing. Nevertheless, Baker's remained one of the principal tropical outfitters and personal export specialists."

Hugh, himself, wrote to his brother of the Company in September 1934:- "The family ........... have an asset now earning between £60,000 & £70,000 pa (nett. abt £10,000) all the time creating its own capital and its own reserves, continual finance from profit. Running debtors of about £100,000 and creditors about the same sum. Employing and providing the sole livelihood for literally hundreds of souls."

Hugh died whilst still the Company’s Managing Director.

Hugh married Dorothy Daisy Wheeler , daughter of Revd. W H Wheeler and Unknown , on 28 Apr 1914 in Eastbourne 455.,456 The marriage ended in divorce. Dorothy was born in 1884 in Axbridge 457 and died on 17 Apr 1964 in Lambeth Hospital, Kennington 458 at age 80.

Marriage Notes: Eastbourne Chronicle



Eastbourne Parish Church was the interesting scene on Tuesday of a marriage in which the bride was Miss Dorothy Daisy Wheeler, of 3, Elmstead-road,, daughter of the Rev. W. H. Wheeler of Berrow, Somerset, and the late Mrs. Wheeler, of Cheltenham, and the bridegroom Mr. Hugh Stanley George Vidal, the elder son of Major L. H. Vidal, late of the Indian Staff Corps, and Mrs Vidal, of Wadhurst.

The bride, who was given away by her brother (Mr. D. W. Wheeler, of Eastbourne), was attired in a dress of white satin veiled with old Limerick lace, her bouquet was of white carnations, lilies of the valley and white heather. The bridesmaids were Miss Ellen Edwardes, Miss Adelaide Edwardes (cousins of the bridegroom), and Miss Peggy Barne and Miss Sheila Barne (cousins of the bride), who wore white embroidered muslin dresses with saxe blue waistbands and caps of tulle, trimmed with daisies. They carried posies of marguerites and bachelor's buttons. Mr. J. Gow acted as best man.

The service was choral, the hymns sung being "The Voice that Breathed O'er Eden" and "O Perfect Love" the officiating clergy were the Archdeacon of Hastings (the Ven. T. T. Churton), the Rev. W. A. B. Clementson (curate of Eastbourne Parish Church) and the Rev. G. Davis (of Langrick Vicarage, Lincolnshire). Mr. P. Goldsmith (the church organist) presided at the organ during the service, and at the close wedding music was played by a friend of the bridegroom, Mr. Reed Makem, of Wadhurst.

At the reception, which took place at Berrow, Eastbourne, the residence of Mr. D. W. Wheeler and Mrs. Barne-Wheeler, the guests included Mrs. Alexander, General Black, Capt. W. B. Barne, R.A., Mr. Barne, Miss Cheffins, General Sir Stanley Edwardes, G.C.B., and Lady Edwardes, Col. Malcolm Edwardes, D.S.O., and Mrs. Edwardes, Major Graham Edwardes, Major and Mrs Allen Edwardes, Major and Mrs Jack Edwardes, General and Mrs. Alec Finch, Dr. and Mrs. Cuthbert Gibbes, Miss Gibbes, Miss Gertrude Gardiner, Brigadier-General Jopp, C.B., and Mrs Jopp, Capt. Leckie, R.N., Col. Fred Leckie, Col. and Mrs Law, Col. Cunliffe Martin, C.B., Mrs Martin and Miss Ethel Martin, Col. McRae, C.B., Rev. Canon May, Col., Mrs. and Miss North, Miss Neal, Mrs. A. H. Rydon, Major and Mrs L. H. Vidal, Capt. J. Vidal, R.N. and Mrs. Vidal, Mr. M. R. R. Vidal.

The newly-wedded couple afterwards left for their honeymoon, which is being spent in Cornwall. Mr. and Mrs. Vidal are to reside at Orpington. There are a large number of very beautiful wedding presents. 453

Hugh next married Elsie M Frost in 1924 in Kensington, London.459 Joan was born <1891> and died in 1952 in London 460 at age 61.

+ 151 M    ii. Montague Richard Reynolds Vidal O.B.E. 17 was born on 12 Mar 1890 in India 17 and died on 25 Jul 1962 461 at age 72.

77. Henry Havelock Vidal 1,17 was born on 21 Oct 1861 in Mulgoa, N.S.W., Australia, 264 was baptized on 17 Nov 1861 in St Thomas's Church, Mulgoa, N.S.W., Australia, 264 and died on 15 Apr 1949 in Hornsby Hospital, Hornsby, N.S.W., Australia 265 at age 87. The cause of his death was Uraemia.

1884 - Vidal Henry H. Clerk Dept. Harbours and Rivers.
1895 - Vidal Henry H. Clerk Richmond River Office Harbour.
1909 - Vidal H.H. Accountant District works office Newcastle.

Harbours and Rivers Navigation
1882 - Henry Havelock Vidal - Clerk - Date of appointment 8th. October 1878 Salary £100.
1883 - Henry Havelock Vidal - Assistant Examiner of accounts. Salary £200.
1920 - Public Service List. Department Public Works, Woolongong.
Vidal Henry Havelock - Salary £400. 150

Medical Notes: Uraemia 4 days; Prostate Hypertrophy 5 years

Something about his life:

• Obituary: 1949, Turramurra. 462 St. James Church, Turramurra - Burials - April 15 1949

Henry Havelock Vidal received his home call after a short illness which he cheerfully and bravely bore on April 15th [Good Friday] a wonderful day for a faithful servant of his Lord to follow the Master he loved and served into the peace of paradise. The service at the church he faithfully served over a long period of many years was simple. A short address referring to the devoted service of our friend was listened to by a great number of his friends, many who worked with him in the Public Works Department who valued his friendship. "abide with Me" and a few prayers . His care in keeping the accounts of the church as our Honorary Auditor was wonderful. As he was in his stewardship of them so he was all through, in his home , amongst his friends and fellow townspeople. Yes, we shall miss him. In this great church we have suffered a loss (we gained much from his examples). Let us remember and strive to carry on by Gods help the work laid down. Our sincere sympathy is offered to the Relatives and friends of our brother.

• Cremation: 16 Apr 1949, Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney. 463

Henry married Ada Jane Cropley 150 on 16 Aug 1884 in Parramatta.150 Ada was born on 15 Aug 1863 in Glebe, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia 150 and died on 28 May 1939 in Challis Avenue, Turramurra, N.S.W., Australia 150,232 at age 75.

Something about her life:

• Cremation: 29 May 1939, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. 150 Cremated, Northern Suburb Crematorium.

Children from this marriage were:

+ 152 M    i. George William Havelock Vidal 150 was born on 30 Mar 1885 in 390 Castlereagh, Sydney, N.S.W., 464,465 was baptized on 19 Apr 1885 in Christ Church, St Lawrence, 150 died on 3 Jun 1929 in Moree, N.S.W., Australia 232,466 at age 44, and was buried on 5 Jun 1929 in C. of E. Cemetery, Moree, N.S.W.. 150

+ 153 M    ii. Noel Roy Carter Vidal 150 was born on 1 Jan 1887 in 11 Arundel Tce, Forest Lodge, Sydney, Australia, 150,232 was baptized on 20 Feb 1887 in Christchurch, St. Laurence, Sydney, 150 and died on 16 Dec 1970 in Newport, Sydney, N.S.W. 150 at age 83. (Father:Natural, Mother:Natural)

   154 F    iii. Edith Grace Madeline Havelock Vidal 1 was born in 1889 in 6 Westmoreland Street, Forest Lodge, Sydney, 1,232 was baptized on 4 Aug 1889 in Christ Church, St. Laurence, died on 16 Dec 1919 in Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, Australia 1 at age 30, and was buried on 17 Dec 1919 in Waverly Cemetery, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia. (Father:Natural, Mother:Natural)

Medical Notes: Died of electrical shock

Something about her life:

• Occupation: Secretary

+ 155 F    iv. Mildred Alice Havelock Vidal 1,309,468 was born on 9 Oct 1891 in 3 Catherine St., Forest Lodge, N.S.W., Australia, 1,232 was baptized on 1 Nov 1891 in Christ Church, St. Laurence, Sydney, and died in 1973 1,468 at age 82. (Father:Natural, Mother:Natural)

+ 156 F    v. Gabrielle Joyce Havelock Vidal 1,309,336,468 was born on 8 Oct 1893 in Ballina, N.S.W. 1,232 and died on 17 Jan 1980 in Castle Hill, Sydney 1 at age 86. (Father:Natural, Mother:Natural)

   157 F    vi. Phyllis A. Havelock Vidal 1,309,468 was born in 1896 in Ballina, 1,232 died in 1897 in Ballina 1 at age 1, and was buried in St Mary the Virgin, Denham Court, NSW, Australia. 1 The cause of her death was stillborn.

General Notes: Phyllis's death was registered in 1897 so she must have died late in December 1896. At Ballina

+ 158 F    vii. Hillary Mary Havelock Vidal 1,309,468 was born in 1898 in ? Ballina, N.S.W., Australia 1,232 and died on 31 Dec 1972 in Yattalunga, Gosford at age 74.

+ 159 M    viii. Geoffrey Henry Havelock Vidal was born on 12 Jun 1902 in Queen Street, Woolhara, Sydney, N.S.W. 150,232 and died on 1 Feb 2000 469 at age 97.

+ 160 M    ix. Ettrick John Havelock Vidal 150 was born on 10 Jun 1906 in Ballina, N.S.W., Australia 150 and died on 22 Oct 1971 in Wallsend, Dist. Hosp. 150 at age 65.

87. Henry Walter Vidal 9 was born on 14 Apr 1843 in Rockspring, Hanover, Jamaica, 9 was baptized on 4 Aug 1843 in Hanover Parish, Jamaica, 9 and died on 20 Dec 1894 in Aden 9,278 at age 51.

Something about his life:

• Probate Granted: 27 Feb 1895, London. 470 Effects: £2248 5s 5d

Henry married Adèle Martin ,9 daughter of George Martin and Catherine ——— , on 7 May 1873 in St. Thomas' Cathedral, Bombay.279 Adèle was born <1844> in Brompton, Middlesex 471 and died in 1913 in Wandsworth, Surrey 472 at age 69.

Children from this marriage were:

   161 F    i. Theresa Catherine Vidal 9 was born on 4 Mar 1874 in 14 Wellington Street, Chelsea 9 and died on 7 Apr 1960 in Littlehampton, Sussex 473 at age 86.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 14 Jul 1960, London. 474 Effects: £1891 0s 6d

   162 M    ii. Leon George Vidal 9 was born on 3 Jan 1877 in Point de Galle, Ceylon 9 and died on 9 Aug 1901 in St. George's Hospital, Bombay 9 at age 24.

Something about his life:

• Probate Granted: 1 Nov 1901, London. 475 Effects: £100

   163 F    iii. Adele Edith Vidal 476 was born on 14 Nov 1878 in Point de Galle, Ceylon 476 and died on 24 Feb 1961 in Bridge Water, Somerset 413 at age 82.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 21 Apr 1961, Bristol. 477 Effects: £2700 18s 1d

Adele married Seymour Rowe 476 in 1906 in Fulham, London.478 Seymour died in 1927 476 .

   164 F    iv. Agnes Henrietta Vidal 118 was born on 26 Jun 1880 in Point de Galle, Ceylon 118 and died in 1958 in Kenya 118 at age 78.

Agnes married Richard Mersy 479 on 18 Sep 1934 in Nairobi.479 Richard died in 1940 476 .

+ 165 M    v. Edward Henry Vidal 9 was born on 22 Jan 1883 in 6 Milbourne Grove, South Kensington, London 9 and died on 22 Jul 1951 in Hampshire 417,480 at age 68.

88. George William Barton Vidal 9 was born on 5 Jun 1845 in 5 Union Place, Aberdeen, 9 was baptized on 16 Jul 1845 in Aberdeen, 9 and died on 23 Mar 1887 in Herberton, Queensland, Australia 9 at age 41.

George married Harriet Ann Geraghty ,483 daughter of John Geraghty and Margaret MacKenny , in 1873 in Queensland, Australia. Harriet died on 6 May 1914 in Queensland, Australia 484 .

Marriage Notes: Harriet gave her name as Harriet Ann Geraghty Richards at the time of her marriage to George so, in all likelihood, she was a widow.

Children from this marriage were:

   166 F    i. Florence Jane Vidal 483 was born on 25 May 1875. 483

   167 M    ii. John Henry Whitlock Vidal 483 was born on 10 Feb 1878 in Queensland, Australia 483 and died on 6 Dec 1922 in Queensland, Australia 485 at age 44.

89. Henrietta Theresa Helen Whitlock Vidal 9 was born on 6 Jul 1847 in Rockspring, Hanover, Jamaica 9 and was baptized on 17 Apr 1848 in Rockspring, Hanover, Jamaica. 101

Etta married Herbert J Kerr 9 <1878> in Jamaica.9

General Notes: Sometime Custos of St. James Parish, Jamaica and planter

Children from this marriage were:

   168 F    i. Frances Eliza Kerr 101 was born in 1878 101 and died in 1878 101 .

   169 M    ii. William Vidal Kerr 101 was born in 1880 101 and died in 1880 101 .

   170 M    iii. David Ellis Kerr 101 was born in 1881 101 and died in 1881 101 .

   171 M    iv. Herbert Jarrett-Kerr was born on 26 Jan 1883 476 and died on 5 Jun 1968 101 at age 85.

General Notes: Took the name Jarrett on being left a share, with his brother Francis, of the estate of an old friend on condition that the Jarrett name continued. (according to Agnes Mersey (née Vidal) in letter to MRRV in 1957)

Herbert married Gwen Mary Temple ——— . Gwen died on 13 Jun 1967 in Frimley and Camberley District Hospital, Frimley, Surrey 486 .

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 1 Aug 1967, Gloucester. 486 Effects: £2660

+ 172 M    v. Francis Kerr-Jarrett was born in 1885. 101

   173 M    vi. Dugald Laureson Kerr 476 was born in 1886. 101

   174 F    vii. Henrietta Vidal Kerr 101 was born in 1889. 101

91. Charles Herman Vidal-Hall was born on 18 Mar 1865 9 and died on 30 Mar 1963 in Abingdon Hospital, Abingdon, Berkshire 282 at age 98. Another name for Charles was Charles Herman Vidal Hall.9

Something about his life:

• Probate Granted: 7 Aug 1963, Oxford. 282 Effects: £7525 16s

Charles married Edith Emily Masters 281 in 1908.281 Edith was born on 2 Dec 1880 in Sheerness, Kent 281 and died in 1963 480 at age 83.

Children from this marriage were:

   175 M    i. Roderick Sutherland Vidal-Hall 281 was born in 1909 281 and died on 17 Sep 1992 487 at age 83.

   176 M    ii. Maurice Patric Vidal-Hall 281 was born in 1911 in Jamaica 281 and died in 1964 281 at age 53.

   177 F    iii. Angèle Marjorie Vidal-Hall

101. Jeanie Vidal 304 was born in 1862 in Aveley, Romford, Essex 304 and was baptized on 1 Feb 1863 in Aveley, Romford, Essex. 296

Jeanie married Frederich August Bächer .305

Children from this marriage were:

   178 M    i. Kurt Bächer .

   179 M    ii. — Bächer .

102. Mary Mabel Vidal 306 was born in 1865 in Aveley, Romford, Essex, 307 was baptized on 2 Dec 1865 in Aveley, Romford, Essex, 296 and died on 19 Jun 1935 308 at age 70.

Something about her life:

• Probate Granted: 22 Aug 1935, London. 488 Effects: £2429 4s 1d

Mary married Col. Edward Franklin Gosset .489 Edward died on 15 Nov 1937. Another name for Edward was Col. Edward Frankland Gosset.

Marriage Notes: There is no record of their marriage in the General Register of Marriages, perhaps it took place abroad.

Something about his life:

• Probate Granted: 13 Jan 1938, London. 490 Effects: £11,618 8s 5d; Resworn: £9122 8s 5d

The child from this marriage was:

   180 F    i. Rennie Gosset .118

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